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Gift for Teacher : original ideas under $25!

Ah, the classic apple for the teacher! While this gesture is always appreciated and charming, why not add a touch of originality?

Whether it's for the end of the school year or a special occasion, here is a list of gifts for teachers or educators under $25 that will surely please.


Small Budget:

Commonly known as the ''It’s been a tough year!'' budget

The Mini Gift Pouch

For those who want to give a little something with a personal touch, the mini gift pouch is ideal. Add your surprise inside - a small note, some candies, or even a gift card. It's the perfect gesture to show your appreciation without breaking the bank. 


The Fabric Tea Pouch

A tea or tisane lover? We have the perfect eco-friendly gift; the fabric tea pouch allows you to infuse tea elegantly and practically. A small gesture that will warm their heart as well as their cup of tea!


The Soap Saver Bag

This soap saver bag is great because nothing goes to waste. It allows you to gather the little soap scraps and use them until the last bit, making it a practical and eco-friendly gift. Perfect to offer with a little artisanal soap!


Budget: Let’s Splurge a Little!

As long as it doesn't exceed $25!

The Snack Bag

Teaching sometimes requires a lot of energy! This cute and practical snack bag is perfect for carrying snacks and recharging energy. Fill it with little treats or even a sweet note for a personalized gift!


The Coffee Bag

Can't find a "Best Teacher of the Year" mug? A much cooler alternative for coffee lovers: the coffee bag! Fill it with some good coffee beans for a gift that will perk up their mornings (and their classes)!


The Bread Bag

Do you love baking your own bread? Why not gift a lovely loaf of homemade bread in a bread bag? A gift that stands out and will surely be appreciated. Psst... you can say it's homemade even if it's from the bakery. We won't tell, promise!


Final Note

While it's not necessary to give a gift at the end of the year, it's often a nice way to say thank you! Many parents choose to express their gratitude to their child's teachers for their dedication and care throughout the school year.



What is the best gift for a teacher?

There is no definitive answer. In fact, giving a gift is optional, but the gesture is always appreciated.

Can I give an apple?

A little touch of humor would be quite funny, especially if all the parents in the class have the same idea!

Where can I buy these gifts?

On our online store :)

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