User Guide | Öko-Flow | Period Underwear & Light Incontinence

A Wide Range of Sizes | 3XS to 3XL

With a variety of sizes, each person can find the perfect underwear for them, ensuring optimal protection.

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tailles de culotte menstruelle lavable tailles de culotte menstruelle lavable

Where and How to Take Your Measurement?

The measurement is taken at hip level. Use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your hips, above the buttocks and horizontally. Take the measurement in inches, note it down, and repeat the process to ensure accuracy.

It seems that my underwear is too big.

Don't be surprised if the underwear you're holding appears larger than what you usually wear. This is because it's mainly made of organic cotton, which makes it less stretchy but much more breathable.

Is this for me?

Absolutely! With Öko-Flow underwear, say goodbye to the stress of leaks or overflow. These panties offer an effective solution for menstruation, vaginal discharge, and urinary leaks.

Versatile and practical, Öko-Flow panties are your ideal ally for all your daily activities and even for practicing your favorite sport.

  • Enhance the absorption level by using the inserts.

    Simply slip one or two inserts into the Öko-Flow underwear to achieve the desired level of absorption, and change them as needed. The panty can also be used without the inserts for light leaks.

  • Place the inserts under the elastics

    The widest part of the removable insert is placed towards the back of the underwear. Simply slide it under the front elastic, then to the back. The insert should not protrude beyond the waterproof purple part of the underwear.

Pochette Imperméable - Öko Créations

Enjoy your outings in complete tranquility

A planned outing? No problem. Use the Öko-Flow waterproof pouch to store your used protection items. It's as simple as that.

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Absorption Capacity

The Öko-Flow reusable underwear offers great versatility, allowing it to be worn alone or with inserts. Here are the absorption capacities of the undie in these two configurations.

It should be noted that the XS, XXS, and XXXS sizes have a lower liquid retention capacity.

Capacité d'Absorption Capacité d'Absorption
  • 1- Managing Protections

    With soaking: To prevent stains, place a container of soapy cold water in the bathroom and soak the used protections in it. Refresh the water daily for a maximum of two days. You can also add sodium percarbonate or Öko-Capsules to enhance effectiveness.

    Without soaking: A simpler method requiring less handling involves placing used protections in a dry location, such as a breathable container or bag.

  • 2- Stain Remover Treatment

    We recommend a quick and minimally manipulative method.

    1. Start by rinsing the pads with cold water to remove excess blood or urine.

    2. Shake the bottle and apply Öko-Clean stain remover onto the protection. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before washing.

  • 3- Washing

    Add to a standard laundry load with cold or warm water. Dry by hanging or in a low-temperature machine. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Use a mild laundry soap without glycerin.

    If bleaching is needed, we recommend using sodium percarbonate.

Reassuring components

Made from carefully selected high-quality textiles such as hemp, known for its natural antibacterial properties, and organic cotton, the Öko-flow underwear and its insert perfectly embody the ethical and ecological values of the company. By opting for a food-grade polyurethane membrane (PUL) to waterproof the washable panty, the company has chosen to preserve human health by avoiding the use of harmful substances such as PFASs or nano-silver.

The Öko-Flow underwear emerges as the ideal choice for gently transitioning to reusable intimate products. Easy to maintain, comfortable, durable, absorbent, and machine washable, it also represents a long-term economical solution: no more need to purchase disposable menstrual products month after month, for years to come.

Where can one buy Öko-Flow?

You have the option to purchase the product either online on our official website or from one of our retailers.

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