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Welcome to you!

We're the Öko-Teens! Want to join our gang?

Any prerequisites, you ask? There are NONE!

Wait! Wait! Wait! No, we're not!

Accept us as we are, with respect and open-mindedness. We want to break taboos and express ourselves through our colors. Will you break the rules with us?

Are you OK with that? Yay! Let's get on with it!

We invite you to discover our reusable period protection products. They're very thin and soft, as well as colorful!

You'll find information on this page;

  • Available models;
  • How to use them;
  • How to care for them;
  • Where they're made and much more!

Haven't started your period yet? Wondering how it's going?

It's a good idea to carry protection with you, as periods often come unexpectedly

Öko-Teens | Protège-Dessous Lavable + Pochette - Öko Créations

Every Öko-Teen comes with a handy individual pouch!

You might be asking yourself, "But what am I supposed to do with my used protection if I'm not at home?"

A very good question! Introducing our individual reusable pouches: washable protection's best friends!

Whether you're at school, at work or out with friends, Öko-Teens think of everything! Each pad comes with its own individual pouch. Pssttt It fits discreetly into a trouser pocket!

And that's not all! The pouch has a small label with the words: Washable!

The idea is to make it stand out when you put your used protection in it, and leave it inside if the pad is clean. It's an ingenious system that lets you tell the difference between used and clean pads at a glance! We're sure you'll love it!

How do I fix the protection in place?

It's not complicated, we'll explain!

Place the pad over your panties. The unpatterned side towards you. The wider part of the pad goes in front of your panties to prevent it from sliding back.

Now secure it by fastening the snaps underneath your panties. Pull it (your panties) all the way up and make small adjustments for comfort!


The pads are very comfortable! We recommend changing it at the same intervals as disposable protection.

Oh, you don't know your flow?

If you don't know your flow rate, it's better to change it more often than less. You can start by wearing a washable pad at home. That way, you'll be able to observe how your pad absorbs your bleeding and see how long it takes before you need to change it.

How do I wash them?

Ahhh yes,the million-dollar question! We'll reassure you right away: blood is neither toxic nor dirty. So there's nothing to worry about!

First of all, the most important thing to know: before wearing your protection for the first time, you'll need to wash it.

  • 1- Manage your used pads

    With soaking: To prevent stains, place a container of cold, soapy water in the bathroom and place the used protectors in it. Renew the water daily for a maximum of two days. You can also add sodium percarbonate or Öko-Capsules to improve effectiveness.

    Without soaking: A simpler method requiring less handling involves depositing used pads in a dry place, such as a container or breathable bag.

  • 2- Stain treatment

    We recommend a quick, low-maintenance method.

    1. Start by rinsing the pads with cold water to remove any excess blood

    2. Shake the bottle and apply Öko-Clean stain remover to the protection. Leave for a few minutes before washing.

  • 3- Wash day

    Add to a standard wash with cold or warm water. Hang dry or tumble dry at low temperature. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Use a mild glycerine-free laundry soap.

    If bleaching is required, we recommend the use of sodium percarbonate.

  • First period guide (French only)

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A closer look at Öko-Teens

Your Öko-Teens protectors are lovingly made in Canada, in the province of Quebec! That's right! In our Boisbriand workshop. You can proudly wear a high-quality, home-grown product! We're a talented nation, aren't we?

The protectors are made from natural textile fibers- organic cotton and hemp - and a waterproof membrane.