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Öko-Capsule - Whitening Stain Treatment

Öko-Capsule - Whitening Stain Treatment

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The care of washable menstrual pads is now easy and environmentally friendly thanks to ÖKO CAPSULES. These capsules simplify washing, offering a practical solution for caring for your reusable menstrual pads. 


  • Stain remover : Effectively reduce organic stains, such as blood, grease, grass, etc.
  • Whitening : Brightens white fabrics.
  • Environmentally friendly: An eco-friendly alternative to bleach. Preserves colors

Why do a treatment?

  • You want to avoid or reduce stains on your protection;
  • Your pads seem to have become less absorbent over time;
  • Your pads give off a "funny" smell after washing when they become wet again;
  • Your pads are irritating you for no particular reason.


Two ways to care for your protections:

- Pre-wash treatment :

Rinse or soak pads in cold water to remove excess blood. Fill a bucket with 1 liter of warm water and dissolve 2 capsules. Then add the reusable pads. Soak for 3 to 12 hours. Wash pads according to manufacturer's instructions.

- Washing machine treatment:

Add detergent as usual. Place 3 capsules directly into machine drum. Add pads. Wash in warm water.

Additional Information

  • Compostable bag of 20 capsules
  • Two versions available: neroli (orange blossom) or unscented
  • Made in Quebec, Canada


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