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Öko-Clean | 100% Natural Stain Remover

Öko-Clean | 100% Natural Stain Remover

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Introducing Öko-Clean, our 100% natural stain remover made in collaboration with Planette.

Authentic Marseille Soap stain remover spray.
Proven effective on reusable period products.
Makes product-care easy while prolonging their usefull life.

How to Use

  1. Rinse or soak your menstrual pads, undies and/or inserts in cold water to remove the excess blood (optional)
  2. Shake the bottle well then spray Öko-Clean on the menstrual product. Let sit a few minutes then wash as usual.


Marseille soap, vinegar, sodium bicarbonate.

Additonal Information

- Concentrated formula
- Biodegradable in 28 days
- Glycerine-free
- No scrubbing required
- PH neutral
- Naturally hypoallergenic Marseille Soap

Format: 125mL
Made in Quebec, Canada

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