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Öko Créations

Custom | Black Make-up Removal Pads

Custom | Black Make-up Removal Pads

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With our customization service, we use a personalized label to create a unique product that reflects your brand. Make your products a reflection of your identity and offer your customers a personalized and premium experience.

Experience absolute cottony softness with Öko Creations' premium reusable tampons, a customer favorite since 2009!

Black make-up removal pads designed to withstand even the most pronounced makeup.

Contour thread color of your choice: white, black, blue, yellow, red, green, or lilac.

Say Goodbye to Disposable Tampons

Öko Creations' ecological makeup removal tampons are made from naturally antibacterial hemp and aim to replace disposable tampons. Unlike disposables, they do not tear between your fingers when wet, are economical, and of course, much more environmentally friendly!

They can be used over 2000 times! Easy to maintain, they will be wonderful companions for years to come. A simple zero waste gesture to incorporate into your daily routine.


They are suitable for sensitive, dry, or oily skin and the delicate eye contour area. Effective for removing all types of makeup, from lipstick to mascara and foundation, they can also be used to apply your toner. They can have several other uses: light wound care, face washing, ultra-light nursing pads.

If you find that your tampons absorb too much of your makeup remover, wet them with water before use.


Machine wash and dry, or hang to dry
Do not use fabric softener or bleach
Do not iron

Using a wash net is practical to keep track of your tampons. Note that heat can set stains by "cooking" them.

To prevent stains: rub the tampons with cold or lukewarm water and soap after use, let dry, and then wash.

If your tampons are saturated, consider changing your soap. Some soaps can saturate the fabric. You can also soak your tampons in boiling water with 2 tbsp of washing soda, stir, and let sit for half a day. Then, regular machine wash.

Additional Information

Composition: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton
Made in Quebec, Canada
Diameter: 8 cm

Details and Production Timelines

We will need your logo or visual in high definition format .pdf, .ai, or .png.

Production timelines range from 4 to 8 weeks.

The products are handmade, so there may be slight variations from one product to another.

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