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Öko Créations

Öko-Flow Kit | Starter

Öko-Flow Kit | Starter

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Öko-Flow | Period Underwear + Removable Insert (Size)
Öko-Flow | Removable Inserts (2-Pack) (Select the size corresponding to the Underwear)

This starter kit is an excellent solution from the Öko-Flow collection, specially designed to meet the needs of:

  • menstruation
  • vaginal discharge
  • or urinary leaks

More about the underwear: Versatile, this 2-in-1 underwear has a built-in waterproof lining for light leaks as well as a removable absorbent insert for heavier leaks.

It is therefore possible to adjust the desired absorption level as needed by adding 1 or 2 inserts, or wearing the underwear alone.

The set includes

4x Öko-Flow Menstrual Underwear; Versatile 2-in-1 underwear with built-in waterproof lining for light leaks.

8x Removable Insert; To add to the underwear for menstruation and/or heavier leaks.

1x Waterproof Pouch; Ideal for carrying additional inserts or an Öko-Flow underwear.

1x Öko-Clean 100% Natural Stain Remover; Concentrated stain remover based on Marseille soap.

Sizes and Measurement

See available sizes. *LINK*

Where and how to take your measurement?

To measure your hip size, use a flexible tape measure and hold it around the widest part of your hips, above your buttocks and horizontally. Take the measurement in inches, note it down, and repeat the process to ensure measurement accuracy.

Fabric Properties

Our period underwear and removable inserts are designed to offer an unparalleled experience thanks to the exclusive use of high-quality organic cotton and premium hemp.

Organic cotton, specially knitted for soft skin contact, ensures quick liquid absorption while ensuring optimal comfort.

As for the insert core, it contains an exceptionally absorbent and naturally antibacterial hemp fabric. This combination ensures reliable and comfortable protection throughout the day, regardless of the season.

Waterproof Membrane

Without added PFASs or nano silver, the company has chosen a food-grade polyurethane membrane (PUL) for waterproofing the washable underwear to prioritize human health by limiting the use of chemicals.


Absorption capacity of the underwear alone or when used with inserts.

Note that TP, TTP, and TTTP formats have lower liquid retention capacity.

Care Instructions

Öko Créations products are designed to last a long time. Don't forget to carefully read our care guide. *LINK*

Benefit from a purchase refund

Buying quality washable products requires an initial investment, but did you know that some municipalities offer subsidies to purchase them? It's easy to request a refund, and it will save you money in the long run by avoiding buying disposable protections every month. Take advantage of it now by checking our directory. *LINK*

Additional Information

Underwear: organic cotton, elastane, Food-Grade Polyurethane excluding trimmings
Insert: 73% organic cotton, 27% hemp

Made in Quebec, Canada
Öko Créations INC. is a women-led company.


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