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Öko Créations

Imperfect Öko-Flow | Removable Inserts (2-pack)

Imperfect Öko-Flow | Removable Inserts (2-pack)

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Imperfect product; size and color offered subject to stock availability. No packaging.

Removable inserts have been designed to increase the absorbency of Öko-Flow menstrual pants. Simply slide one or two inserts into our Öko-Flow period underwear and change them as required. It's that easy!

Perfect for menstruation, vaginal discharge or bladder leaks. Inserts must be worn with Öko-Flow underwear, not on their own.


Please make sure you choose the right insert for the size of underwear you are planning to buy.

See available sizes. *LINK*

Fabric properties

Our period underwear and removable inserts are designed to offer an incomparable experience, thanks to the exclusive use of premium organic cotton and high-grade hemp.

The organic cotton, specially knitted for soft skin contact, ensures rapid absorption of liquids while providing optimum comfort.

The core of the insert is made of an exceptionally absorbent and naturally antibacterial hemp fabric. This combination guarantees reliable, comfortable protection all day long, whatever the season.

Waterproof membrane

With no added PFASs or nano-silver, the company has chosen a food-grade polyurethane (PUL) membrane for the waterproofing of washable period underwear to protect human health by limiting the use of chemicals.


Absorption capacity of panties alone or when used with inserts.

Please note that XS, 2XS and 3XS sizes have a lower liquid retention capacity.


Öko Créations products are designed to last. Don't forget to read our care guide carefully. *LINK*

Get a refund on your purchase

Buying quality washable products requires an initial investment, but did you know that some municipalities offer subsidies to buy them? It's easy to apply for a refund, and it'll save you money in the long run by not having to buy disposable pads every month. Take advantage now by consulting our directory. *LINK*

Additional Information


Insert: 73% organic cotton, 27% hemp

Made in Quebec, Canada

Öko Créations INC. is a company run by women.

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