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Öko Créations

Öko-Pads | Washable Panty Liner

Öko-Pads | Washable Panty Liner

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Pattern & Upper Fabric

protège-dessous lavables

The Öko-liner represents a washable and comfortable option for panty liners, ideal for ensuring optimal protection during light to moderate menstrual flows, as well as for managing minor leaks. Additionally, it provides extra security when using tampons or menstrual cups. Thanks to its slim and discreet design, its presence is barely noticeable, ensuring maximum comfort.

Compatible with individual pouches.

pochette de transport pour serviette lavable

Choice of Pattern

The patterns we offer are created by Öko. They capture the vibrant essence of folklore, striking colors, breathtaking landscapes, and picturesque cities of our beloved Quebec!

Fabric Properties

Our Cloth pads and liners are designed to provide an unparalleled experience through the exclusive use of premium organic cotton and high-quality hemp.

The organic cotton, specially knitted for gentle skin contact, ensures rapid liquid absorption while guaranteeing optimal comfort. Choose between the natural version for soothing sensitivity or the dyed version to conceal stains.

As for the core of each protection, it contains an exceptionally absorbent and naturally antibacterial hemp fabric. This combination ensures reliable and comfortable protection throughout the day, regardless of the season.

Waterproof Membrane

We use a food-grade polyurethane membrane (PUL) to ensure the waterproofing of our protections, without the addition of PFASs or nano-silver.

Ergonomic shape

The wings equipped with discreet metal snap buttons ensure a perfect fit to your underwear, eliminating any discomfort associated with slipping. The widened part of the protection is positioned towards the front of the underwear to prevent any backward movement


Öko Créations products are designed to last a long time. Don't forget to carefully read our maintenance guide. *LINK*

Benefit from a refund on purchase

Buying quality washable products requires an initial investment, but did you know that some municipalities offer grants to purchase them? It's easy to apply for a refund, and it will save you money in the long run by avoiding buying disposable protections every month.

Take advantage of this opportunity now by consulting our directory. *LINK*

Additional information

Composition: 75% organic cotton, 17% hemp, 8% food-grade polyurethane
Label: 100% certified organic cotton
Packaging: FSC certified
Made in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tamara Major
Meilleurs pads réutilisables

J’en ai plusieurs et je les adore, ils tiennent bien, ils sont confortables et conviennent aux peaux sensibles, je ne regrette pas mon choix!

Merci beaucoup pour votre retour positif ! :)

tracy ilko
Un choix ecologique

Produits de qualité fait au Québec.
J’utilise les produits Oko depuis 8 ans, la meuilleur choix pour moi!

Quel magnifique témoignage d'affection pour nos produits ! Nous vous remercions profondément pour cette belle appréciation ! ❤️

Johanne Roy
Première commande

Tout c’est bien passé.

Faites-vous des produits pour fuîtes urinaires pour homme?

Bonjour Johanne, un grand merci pour votre retour ! Pour le moment, nous n'offrons pas encore de produits spécifiques aux fuites urinaires pour les hommes. Toutefois, qui sait ? Peut-être que nous en proposerons dans le futur. Restez à l'écoute !